Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gay webcomic: Artifice

(I read a shit-ton of webcomics. So many.)

Today's thing is Artifice, written by Alex Woolfson and drawn by Winona Nelson! The sci-fi love story (isn't that just great? I love sci-fi) of a killer cyborg and a human renegade. You've probably already heard of this one, given its popularity.

I didn't love this story, and I'm not sure why. I should have, but I just didn't. But in terms of production values, this is a really well-made webcomic, which is something I really appreciate. Gorgeous art, full color, a regular update schedule, a story that makes sense, no shitastic rape scenes... this is serious business. So it's fair to say I liked it. I liked it a lot.

The sex scene (despite not being graphic) was just beautiful. Their motivations, their fears - it all shines through during the sex scene. That pic up there is my favorite panel in the whole comic. Look at that "oh shit" expression. Isn't that wonderful?

Complete at 88 pages, it's not the longest gay webcomic in the world, but it is a fulfilling story by someone who obviously understands narrative structure.

First page here. 

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  1. Me too, I'm in a webcomic phase (in other phases I watch anglosaxon and japanese series/dramas/animes, or read mangas). More precisely these days I'm into BL/yaoi BDSM webcomic, sadly I think I've read all there is in that field on smackjeeves ;-(, so I have to find my luck with google... But if you have any suggestions, please do share...
    And I completely agree with you, "Artifice" is really good, I read it last week and quite liked it (like you both because of the art and psychological acuity of the story).
    By the way, have you read "Go get a roomie"? Although it's comical and set in today's world with a group of bi, gay, and mostly lesbian friends, it's a really sensitive and open minded love story. But maybe you've already posted on it, I haven't read your whole blog so...