Sunday, September 16, 2012


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Isn't this just gorgeous?? So much detail! The wreckage! The uniforms! The wedding band! The cyborg, leaning forward to check on his husband! The injured man, touching his rescuer's cheek, relieved but in pain, possibly about to die in his lover's arms!

AHHHH! <3 <3 <3

Here is where I found the picture. And hereis the artist's y-gallery page!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Webcomic: It's Always Raining Here

Another cutsey teen-love webcomic!

It's Always Raining Here is about two awkward gay guys fumbling through unrequited romance.

Carter Brooks, seventeen years old, has just come out of the closet. His first priority: get laid. Unfortunately, there's only one other attractive gay kid around. His name is Adrian, and he hates Carter.

The webcomic is a lot like The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, or Tripping Over You, in that it's light and amusing, and it's much more about the relationship between the two than the sex. (In fact, there are no explicit sex scenes.) There's lots of humor, and it's easy to fall in love with the immature-yet-mature teenage cast.

At 82 pages (as of this moment) it is incomplete. It updates once a week (so far, very reliably!) I would highly recommend this comic. It's not gonna change your life, but it's great.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nightrunner Series: Bridging the Gap Between "Gay" and "Mainstream"

Recently, I've been lucky enough to encounter the work of the ultra-talented and rather popular Lynn Flewelling.

Let's be honest: while the vast majority of queer folks are comfortable reading about straight characters, a lot of straight folks aren't comfortable reading about queer characters. Consequently, in genres dominated by straight male authors and straight male readers, gay characters simply don't exist. Or, if they do, they are side characters; their relationships fail; their lovers die; their sexuality is a constant source of pain, and they rarely (if ever!) are shown in normal and healthy relationships.

There is some protection in the romance genre, where m/m literature is steadily growing more and more popular. But, unfortunately, not among other genres.

Lynn Flewelling's books are the exception.

She's well known for her award-winning Nightrunner series. The books aren't what I'd call romance -- they're hardcore fantasy, complete with wizards and swords and dragons -- but they do feature loving gay couple as the protagonists.

Let me stress how awesome this is.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

BDSM: What Is Subspace?

A man in a suit is blindfolded with his tie as another man also dressed in a suit holds the back of his head and leans down to place his mouth near the blindfolded man&#8217;s ear.
This is a fantastic photograph for all the reasons soft-core erotica can be sexy: the narrative exposed by the picture rather than the visual stimulus of the image itself. This picture is great in all the ways artsy-fartsy photographs are not. (And look, no monochrome necessary!)
Another noteworthy point in this image is the use of the man&#8217;s suit tie as a blindfold. I own three ties, and though I ostensibly purchased them for work I would much rather use them as sex toys. Many facets of menswear can be extremely useful bondage, ties and belts chief among them.
well dressed lovers
BDSM seems to be a popular topic these days, so I thought I'd tackle an often-asked question.

What is subspace? 
Subspace is the mindset a sub sometimes goes into during a scene. It is often described as a floating sensation, as if you are detached from your body. It is a pain-induced high.

What does it feel like? You become loose and relaxed. You stop struggling, because you no longer want to move. It becomes nearly impossible to think or act on your own. Speech becomes difficult or impossible.

When does it happen? Think of subspace like an orgasm. It requires a certain set of physical and psychological stimuli to happen. Subspace requires that you are (1) comfortable (possibly restrained) and (2) being hurt.

(Read more under the cut!)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What You Need to Know About BDSM

A man&#8217;s wrists are bound using a simple belt.
I like the focus of this simple photograph: a man&#8217;s torso, hands loose and held in front his body, tied with what is presumably his own belt. Perhaps moments ago that belt was encircling his waist in the belt loops of his jeans. Now that it&#8217;s binding his wrists, are his pants going to be removed next? I&#8217;m a very big fan of pervertible toys like these. They&#8217;re not only inexpensive, effective, and often very comfortable, they also embody the spirit of freedom and accessibility that I hold so dear.
This picture is also an interesting one because it clearly demonstrates a very fundamental aspect of human desire: it&#8217;s simple. Ritual, tradition, or ceremony need only be associated with sex if you want it to be. It is okay for desire to just be; there&#8217;s nothing wrong with a desire devoid of reason or morality, desire that merely exists. No matter what authority figures in your life want you to believe—be they your religion, your parents, your government, or your teachers—human sexuality, desire, and emotion doesn&#8217;t have to adapt to its surroundings.
If you maintain a basic respect for others, there&#8217;s nothing wrong with adapting your surroundings to fit your desires.
(via eugiee) 
Getting a little pissed about the whole Fifty Shades of Gray thing, and other "BDSM" novels.

Some straight-up facts from a real-life sub: 

The vast majority of us are not psychologically damaged. No mental disorders, no child abuse, no child neglect, no unstable personalities. We're regular people. 

Collars are not fashion statements. They are a sign that a sub is taken. (They are also handy for attaching subs to things.)

Yes, a collar is often like a wedding band. Both symbolize commitment. But most of the time, a collar is just a collar. 

Subspace is a pain-induced high. Once, I read a story in which the main character claimed to fall into subspace while five minutes into a session, without experiencing pain or bondage or any sort. This is about as unlikely as having an orgasm without being touched. 
In other words, it takes a while to happen, and it pretty much requires the submissive to be hurt, be they spanked, whipped, flogged, caned, slapped, or what have you.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Victoria Foyt Hates Metrosexual Men

You've probably heard of Victoria Foyt, author of the appallingly racist Revealing Eden: Save the Pearls Part I.

Today, I was interested in what else Foyt had to say, wondering if she was as equally delusional when it came to things other than racial issues.

The answer is yes, by the way.

She wrote this piece on how guys who where makeup and care about their clothes are, like, totally icky. This is what she had to say:
Several years ago, as I sallied forth with a hot prospect on a date, he pointed out with great interest the make of his Junya Watanabe coat. I murmured my appreciation--its beauty was indisputable; and I appreciated the absence of khakis or a T-shirt. 
But as he waxed enthusiastic about the cut and fabric of his fine apparel, I felt my libido plummet, and the lens through which I saw him turn from hot to cold. I felt he had encroached on my domain; the road between us had tilted askew.
I didn't know it was possible to be so insulting to both genders at once.

(More ranting under the cut!)

Monday, August 20, 2012

How To Write Gay Romance

"Anytime you put on the mouthpiece of somebody that you're not, there's a professional responsibility to get it right."
-- Jodi Picoult

As we know, most readers and writers of m/m romance are female. And, because of this, most gay romance follows a very heterosexual pattern: one person is intensely dominant and handsome; the other is passive and pretty. This is pattern is troubling enough in heterosexual romance. In gay romance, it's just plain wrong.

Links and advice under the cut.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Webcomic: Enthrall

Normally, I'm not a fan of vampire storylines. They've a bit trite. But every once in a while, someone manages to make it interesting again.

Today we have Enthrall. Enthrall is told from the point of view of two men -- both human, both living their entire lives in a world that enslaves their kind to serve vampires.

Scarrow is a free man, the leader of a "terrorist" group of abolitionists; the comic begins with his capture, and he is sold into slavery as punishment for his crimes. The story deals with Scarrow's increasingly desperate escape attempts, and his conflicted affection for the vampire who got him caught. Meanwhile, Arin -- a ex-slave - must struggle to adjust to his newfound freedom.

I love, love, love this comic. There's no non-con, which is both a shock and a blessing for a story that is part of not only the m/m genre, but the vampire genre as well.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Chick-fil-A Scandal

So by now, you have probably heard about Chick-Fil-A.

Chick-Fil-A, for those who are not aware, recently came out openly against gay marriage. Because of this, representatives of the Jim Henson company publicly announced they would no longer supply toys to Chick-Fil-A.

Chick-Fil-A's response:

"We apologize for any inconvenience but as of 7/19/2012 Chick-fil-A has voluntarily recalled all of the Jim Henson's Creature Shop Puppet Kids Meal toys due to a possible safety issue. Please be advised that there have not been any cases in which a child has actually been injured, however there have been some reports of children getting their fingers stuck in the holes of the puppets. We are offering a substitution of a complimentary kids Icedream cone in its place until a replacement toy is available."

Let's see what Leviticus has to say about lying:

Leviticus 19:11 - "Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie to one another."

Pandering To Bigots

I'm posting this here because I feel it pertains to the LBGT community, as well as any other minority group. 

Not so long ago, a church in Mississippi refused to marry a black couple, because... well, because the couple was black. (Full article here.)

The couple planned their ceremony with the pastor months in advance. Yet, when the day approached, the church community refused to allow the wedding to take place. Apparently, that particular church had never hosted a the marriage of a black couple before, and the church community did not want to break that tradition. 

Fearing his congregation would oust him, the pastor gave in. He agreed to marry the couple in another church. The church is now holding meetings to discuss how to handle future requests by black couples who wish to be married there.

My question is: who the hell cares what a bunch of racist bigots think? 

Not all opinions are worthy of being voiced. Not all opinions are worth taking into consideration. ESPECIALLY opinions that are not really opinions, but are in fact racism, sexism, homophobia, or hate. When someone tells you your marriage offends them, you say TOUGH SHIT. 

When you pander to bigots - when you compromise with them, when you take into consideration their demands - you make their opinions seem valid. You make the irrational seem rational. You are encouraging them. 

It seems that the biggest enemy of the oppressed are not bigots themselves, but the normal and otherwise rational folk who are willing to bend to the will of bigots. 

So the next time a bigot wants you to compromise? Tell them to suck it up. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Webcomic: Demon of the Underground

Demon of the Underground is the tale of a boy (possibly from our Earth) trapped in a strange place called the Underground, where four nations wage war - North, South, East, and West. Unable to return to his home, he is forced to choose a side to serve.

Jasper Samsid, king of the East, is impressed by the boy's intelligence and creativity, and takes him in.

This isn't really romance, but the main character is gay, and there's some pretty amusing kisses. Also, Pogo - the main character - has the ability to use telekinesis when he grabs his junk, and, I'll admit, that's some pretty unique stuff right there.

Also, abused women escape from the other nations and form the South sphere, where they create the only nation based upon equality. Whoo!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Superheroes Can't Be Gay

A thoughtful commentary on how the superhero industry panders to its straight white male audience

JK, just a music video using gay stereotypes for giggles

Monday, July 9, 2012

Webcomic/animation: Homestuck

GT: I just... 
GT: This isnt how i pictured it going. 
TT: Pictured what? 
GT: Between him and me. 
GT: There had to be a better way than this! 
TT: This is the only way it can be. 
GT: I guess if it was going to go this way... 
GT: I kinda pictured something different? 
GT: There was stuff i wanted to say. 
GT: To the real him i mean. 

To be clear, that's a fifteen year old boy wearing a skull computer helmet while kissing the severed head of his gay best friend from the future while a dragon flies over an erupting volcano in the background.

This is the most touching romantic climax I've ever seen.

By the way, Homestuck is neither gay nor romance, but you should still read it. It's strange, touching, confusing, and involves a lot of time-traveling hijinks. It's got twelve pansexual aliens, eight confused earth kids, and -- so far -- too many pairings to count. Also, it has Dirk, the gay guy from the future who kicks more ass than Chuck Norris. 

Webcomic: Starfighter

Today I'm here to talk about Starfighter.

I hate Starfighter.

But it's growing on me a little, and a lot of people seem to like it, so I feel obligated to mention it. So. Starfighter. Science fiction yaoi webcomic in which men come in two varieties: super-aggressive assholes and super-intelligent pansies.

Lots of D/S. Some rape? Maybe / sort of? It's difficult to tell if the bottom is consenting or not, and the top makes it pretty clear he doesn't care.

You know how some stories have this top who's intensely dominant? And at first he's an asshole, but then you get to know him better, and it turns out that deep down inside he's secretly this nice guy with a lot of angst. Like Edward Cullen, or Mako from Legend of Korra, or Atros from Teahouse.

This is not that story. This is the story of an asshole, who deep down inside, is an asshole. And I like that.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Webcomic: Devoto

"Last night, I bedded a demon to whom I meant to sell my soul... which still leaves me more adherent than most Catholics I know."

"Devoto: Music in Hell" is a m/m webcomic about the demon (read: fallen angel) of music, who is trapped in Hell. His only escape is when a human summons him to Earth in order to make a deal with him. Devoto's goal is to get out of Hell as long as possible.

Devoto has not been out of Hell in a long, long time.

It's a gorgeous webcomic with stunning artwork and heartfelt dialogue. It follows the story of not only Devoto and his mortal lover, but also Isam and Zima, two angels - one fallen and one not - in love, kept apart by Heaven and Hell.

Despite the obvious talent of the artist, I don't think this webcomic is as well-known as it should be. So click on it! It's great! Give the creator some love!

(Warning: it's extra NSFW. Lots of beautiful man-sex.)

I may as well call this "Gay Webcomics Blog" from now on.

Friday, June 15, 2012


superheroes batman superman - PUNISHED

So I was wandering the internet when I came across this picture - which, for non-superhero fans, features Deadpool and the Punisher (whoever the hell that is). I clicked on the article.

Half the comments: arguing that Deadpool would win in a fight. Other half of the comments: arguing the Punisher would win. .01% of the comments: "Wow, that's hot." (My new hobby: creeping out straight guys on the internet.)

Look at this other one. OMG.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Different Categorizations of Guy-on-Guy: What Do They Mean?

Today I'm gonna be talking about a few different terms that are often, but not always, synonymous.

On this blog, I talk about a variety of things related to gay men, from webcomics to art to books (and, in the future, yaoi). While you're likely familiar with some of these, you might not know them all!

Sites That Sell M/M Romance, Part II

The second part of my "Site That Sell M/M Fiction" post.

An independent press dedicated to publishing science-fiction and fantasy stories with gay and lesbian protagonists. I love this press! Here you'll find books length 70,000 to 150,000 (300-600 pages), which, in true fantasy style, are longer than romance novels. 

A publisher of various genres with LGBT, straight, and menage stories available.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gay webcomic: Artifice

(I read a shit-ton of webcomics. So many.)

Today's thing is Artifice, written by Alex Woolfson and drawn by Winona Nelson! The sci-fi love story (isn't that just great? I love sci-fi) of a killer cyborg and a human renegade. You've probably already heard of this one, given its popularity.

I didn't love this story, and I'm not sure why. I should have, but I just didn't. But in terms of production values, this is a really well-made webcomic, which is something I really appreciate. Gorgeous art, full color, a regular update schedule, a story that makes sense, no shitastic rape scenes... this is serious business. So it's fair to say I liked it. I liked it a lot.

The sex scene (despite not being graphic) was just beautiful. Their motivations, their fears - it all shines through during the sex scene. That pic up there is my favorite panel in the whole comic. Look at that "oh shit" expression. Isn't that wonderful?

Complete at 88 pages, it's not the longest gay webcomic in the world, but it is a fulfilling story by someone who obviously understands narrative structure.

First page here. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Feminism Friday: Girls Who Hate Girls (or, "An Appeal to Slash Fans")

I have noticed a disappointing trend recently, and I feel something needs to be said.

It seems every time I step into the world of a slash fanfic, I'm confronted with a reality in which females (a) no longer exist, or (b) are now bitches, cheaters, and rapists. I'm not sure which is worse.

Recall that, in slash fanfiction, the author takes two characters – often with female love interests – and makes them gay together. For example, let's take Harry Potter fanfiction. In the books, Harry and Ginny are together. When writing a slash fic, the slash fan handles this in one of three ways:

(1) Harry's relationship with Ginny is ignored.
(2) Harry's relationship with Ginny isn't “real” - they aren't really in love, they just think they are.
(3) Ginny is an evil, whorish bitch.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sites That Sell M/M Romance Fiction

A fan of m/m romance novels, but don't know where to get started? An author looking for a home for your new manuscript? Here's a short list of publishers and sites that sell m/m!

A well-known publisher of anything from pure BDSM erotica to sugary-sweet romance. They sell only m/m; no straight or lesbian fiction. They market towards straight women, and the majority of their authors are straight women. 

A publisher of LBGT romance. They have a wide selection, focusing mainly on m/m. Lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and menage stories are available as well.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gay Knights and Horny Heroes

Gay Knights and Horny Heroes: Tales from the Court of King Arthur by Michael Gouda eBook
 Today I'm here to talk about Gay Knights and Horny Heroes, by Michael Gouda.

This is a terrible, terrible book. 

Normally, I won't write reviews like this. I feel uncomfortable writing something so negative, but this book is wildly offensive, and I feel readers should be warned -- especially because this book contains hints of underage sex.

This book is an anthology where each story is connected to the next. It's a retelling of the legend of King Arthur. Everybody in Camelot is gay; they engage in lots of public nudity; there's not a woman to be seen. Could be fun, right?

Sadly, no.

On the first page:
Young scullions from the kitchens, the prettiest only of course, brought in huge silver salvers [...]. They were wearing only the shortest of tunics and there were tantalizing glimpses of bottoms toasted pink by the fires of the kitchen, and sometimes even the tip of a youthful dangling penis. [...] it was quite acceptable to pat a rounded bottom or fondle a hanging prick as it passed, and the Knights took full opportunity [...].
So I thought, huh. Full-grown men publicly molesting half-naked boys. Weird, but okay.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anthology: Cross Bones

Cross Bones eBook
Who doesn't love gay pirate erotica?? (The answer to that completely rhetorical question can be found here.)

The problem with anthologies is that that you usually get a one great story. The reason "Cross Bones", aka "Gay Pirates Fucking" is so great is because *every story* is consistently good.

And you know how anthologies usually have one story that's just incredible? Best of the bunch, stand-out?

Cross Bones had several.

For the sci-fi lovers: "Rough Trade" by Cooper West was just incredible. It's about Gunner, the unofficial captain of a murderous AI ship. The ship (Carthage, she calls herself) wants a doctor for her crew, and no one's going to stop her. Luckily, the man in question, the handsome Dr. Sagittarius Diefenbaker, has a reason to stick around...

"My Hand in Yours" by Emily Moreton is a short tale about a town sheriff (referred to in-story as a "peacekeeper") who starts a fuckbuddy relationship with a pirate captain. This one was not only romantic but scorching-hot. The end gives you a real sense of freedom and satisfaction, that the two men can pursue their romance without either of them giving up their ideals.

"From a Simmer to a Burn" was incredible. Not gonna lie - I get pretty bored reading about white guys. But this is the story of a former African slave overcoming his own racism as he falls in love with someone he initially despised. That's a pretty fucking difficult topic to write about. And yet, B. Snow (the author) handles it like a professional. I mean, it's just incredible. She picked a hard story to write, and she wrote it anyway, and she did it well.

And the rest were all within the three to five star range. Which, like I said: pretty good for an anthology.

But seriously: gay pirate erotica. Have I mentioned how hot that is? *fans self*

Friday, April 6, 2012

F/F Friday: Girly

Today's topic: LESBIANS!

Specifically, f/f romance. For those who don't know: f/f stands for "female/female", the same way m/m means "male/male".

I'm not sure how many m/m romance readers are also fans of f/f, due to the fact that I'm pretty sure most m/m romance readers are straight women. But I, personally, am a fan of all things gay, and that includes hot girl on girl lovin'.

Today's recommendation is a very popular webcomic: Girly, by Josh Lesnick. It's the story of Otra, a pink-haired girl who, despite her enormous financial success, feels her life is empty. Until one day she meets Winter, a psychotic, homeless blonde who begins stalking her.

It's kind of like a Saturday morning cartoon - lots of ridiculous gags, lots of people being blasted into outer space or smashed with hammers and giant dildos, people getting bodyswapped... ect, ect. The reason this comic works is because it's got Otra, who's just as confused and irritated by the strange antics around her as you, the reader, will be.

Sometimes, I feel like guys don't really "get" lesbian romance. Like they're writing it because it's hot, and they don't really understand how women interact. But Josh Lesnick avoids that, and that's just wonderful.

You should read this comic if you have a lot of time and you're willing to get invested in it - because it is long. While most webcomics stretch a couple hundred comics at best, Girly is a whopping 764 pages - and often the pages are long.

If you haven't got time, but want to check it out anyway, start here. The author put in a second beginning new readers partway through, around the part it gets good.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anthology: Myths and Magic

Myths and Magic: Legends of Love eBook
I bought four anthologies today (I couldn't help it!) because Dreamspinner Press was having a sale.

The first one - Myths and Magic: Legends of Love - so far, has been worth buying solely for one story. "The Sower and the Reaper", by Helen Madden. (Some of the other stories were good, and one or two made me roll my eyes, but I won't get into that here.)

It's the story of an eighteen-year-old boy who goes looking for a God (who is, amusingly enough, named "Ozzie") in order to save his people. The apocalyptic world it's set in is very original, IMO; I'd describe it, but I don't want to spoil things.

The sex scene was great. Picture this: a God-like immortal, and a barely-legal kid that's pretty much forced to have sex with him. This is normally the part where the author has some sort of pseudo-rape scene. But no! Ozzie's just so human about it, so rational, so blunt, so understanding. He doesn't use force or coercion. He's not a creep. He explains things and treats the kid like an adult.

I mean, I can't even describe how much I loved this story. It makes this anthology 100% worth buying.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blog: Male Submission Art

Wearing his shirt pushed down to his waist, a man stands before a bed. His head is bowed and his long red hair is pulled over one shoulder.This photograph was suggested by Madam Harkonnen, who wrote:I get a strong sense of narrative in this light, poised photograph: the cloth tangling his arms in a suggestion of things to come; his hair just brushed aside to bare his shoulder for someone, and long enough to wrap around his neck.  Now he’s just waiting with elegant composure for a word or a touch…waiting for the storm to break over him.This picture strikes me as almost more angelic than most images depicting angels do. The white light, clothing, and bed linens set a simple but, in the absence of much else, surreal tone. However, it&#8217;s the model that carries the image.The man&#8217;s hair is especially worthy of note because, while I think its length is beautiful on him, it&#8217;s also transgressive. In some religions, long hair is often thought to be appropriate only for women, as this Christianity-inspired article showcases, saying that Men should look like men, and women should look like women. God is not interested in, nor does He accept, &#8220;unisex.&#8221; While god may not be interested in gender presentation, I am, because not all cultures, or religions, agree on what is manly or womanly. Moreover, as gender isn&#8217;t a dichotomy, it&#8217;s very possible to mix gender signals of one kind with signals of another, resulting in additive gender.-maymay

Today, I'm recommending a blog.

No, don't stop reading! It's a really cool blog, honest. It's called Male Submission Art. (Link is NSFW.)

It's not completely m/m. It's a mix of male/male, male/female, and solo male art. But even in the heterosexual pictures, the focus is on the guy.

The fellow who runs it, maymay, created the blog because "there is not enough porn wherein submissive men are the erotic subject matter". IE, porn focuses too much on women, so maymay decided to even things out a bit by showcasing hot guys tied up.

Some of the art (like the most recent image) is more philosophical than hot. Most of it is both. The blog is no longer being updated, but it still has fifty-something pages of art.

Look at this! Isn't it just gorgeous?

A young man is pressed against a wall by a larger man, who holds the smaller man&#8217;s head near his own.This gripping photograph is from the Model Mayhem portfolio of Eri Nicholas Vohnson, and was suggested by ohmyfckity, who had this to say:I came across this picture tonight and just had to share. I love how the younger male is utterly enjoying the dominating older man. There is no fear in his expression and he&#8217;s so willing.This picture took my breath away because the juxtaposition of forcefulness with willingness is searingly sexy. I also like that, in a clearly dramatized scene, both models are wearing very plain clothing. Further, the androgynous look of the smaller man adds several dimensions of power to the narrative, including gender, age, and culture.Finally, the shorter man&#8217;s untroubled expression is particularly interesting in contrast to the taller man&#8217;s aggressive stance. Coupled with his queered gender presentation, the image challenges a culture that indoctrinates many people—including men—with the belief that male lust is dangerous, and uncontrollable. Interestingly, homophobic men, like Mark Schwartz, Republican Senator Tom Coburn&#8217;s chief of staff, are arguably the group most afraid of male sexuality. According to Mark Schwartz:Pornography is a blight. […It&#8217;s] my observation that boys…have less tolerance for homosexuality than just about any other class of people. They speak badly about homosexuality. And that’s because they don’t want to be that way. They don’t want to fall into it. […] All pornography is homosexual pornography, because all pornography turns your sexual drive inwards.Ignoring for a moment this statement&#8217;s supreme stupidity with regards to pornography, Schwartz&#8217;s internalized homophobia can be logically explained. As Figleaf points out:It seems to me that if you’re sold on that view of men then homophobia is a twisted but logical outcome. Because if you’re raised to believe that you literally can’t resist sexual temptation of any sort but you&#8217;re not actually sexually oriented towards other men […] it makes sense that you’d be wildly intolerant of gay men. […If] one believes men are ravenously, uncontrollably sexually impulsive then one must live in mortal paranoia that not only might one inadvertently receive an aggressive sexual advance not only from perceptibly “homosexual” men (who are falsely presumed to be sexually interested in any possible opportunity for sex with any possible man) but equally uncontrollable straight men for whom, after all, must also believe &#8220;a hole is a hole.&#8221;Put another way, the shorter man&#8217;s androgynous look allows homophobes to more easily view him as &#8220;less than&#8221; manly. They define masculine sexuality so narrowly, both his appearance and his serenity in this situation breaks the mold.As for Schwartz, well, one does wonder if his hands are afraid of his penis since, by his logic, masturbation must be the most homosexual act of all.-maymay

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Webcomic: Tripping Over You

Tripping Over You
Another m/m webcomic! (Avery fact of the day: I read too many webcomics.)

This one's called "Tripping Over You". It's the tale of two school boys: Liam, an ornery kid with a strict father, and Milo, his talkative and flirtatious best friend.  

It's cute, and a bit short at the moment (72 strips so far, plus extras), so I haven't got much to rave about. 

Why you should check it out: 
(1) Ornery uptight kids are the best.
(2) Pining best friends are also the best.
(3) It's really funny. The alt-over text is hilarious.

But also, like I said, it's short On top of that, it's easy to get into. If you click on this link, in five minutes, you will be entertained, and in twenty minutes, you'll have reached the end of what's been posted so far.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Novel: A Bar Tender Tale

A Bar Tender Tale by Melanie Tushmore
Today I'm here to talk about "A Bar Tender Tale", an m/m romance novel by Melanie Tushmore.

This is a romance novel (novella?) for those who like their gay lovin' fluffy and off-beat. The reason I picked it up is because it promised a main character who loves "loud music, tattoos, and zombie paraphernalia". And boy, does it deliver.

The novel starts with Nathan -- our narrator -- trying to get into touch with his asshole boyfriend. Our adventure begins when Nathan decides to dump the asshole and find a replacement (with "help" from his friends).

Now, there's a lot of fiction out there involving heroes and heroines who call themselves 'weird' or 'nerdy', when what they really mean is they're self-absorbed (and disappointingly average) people who don't seem to understand what it actually means to be different. And that drives me nuts.

But Nathan is just absolutely immersed in subculture. He's a skinny guy with blue-black hair and tattoos, who likes B-movies and doesn't quite fit in with his straight friends. But best of all - he's not self-conscious. He recognizes that most people don't share his tastes... and that's cool with him.

I absolutely loved the scenes between him and his love interest, Auryn. I really felt like the two of them had an authentic connection. Too often a novel will have endless descriptions of how attractive its characters are, but no real chemistry between the two. Here, I got to see two guys really interacting like... well, guys. The flirting is very subtle, very nice.

My only quibble was that everything was a little too fluffy for me. While I enjoyed the scenes where Nathan had some funny moments with his friends, those scenes constitute a small chunk of the first half of the novel, while, to be honest, I'd rather have been reading about Auryn.

What really held me was Tushmore's writing style. Very nice - not too prosy, not too bland. There's a lot of details about British bands and subculture and clubs, all of which ring true (to my limited knowledge of the subject). Once I finished the book, I visited her blog and realized that this is because she probably has a strong interest in that stuff herself.

While this novel didn't fully satisfy me, it's definitely a fun read. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Webcomic: The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

<epic tj and amal gay webcomic
Let me start off by saying that this is one of the most slow-paced gay webcomics I've ever read. It's called "Less Than Epic" for a reason. As I am typing this, there's 26 chapters and little romantic conflict (though there's plenty of tension).

Despite this, I spend an entire day reading this comic because I NEEDED to see TJ and Amal get together. And once I was done with what had been posted so far, I went back and re-read it, and re-read it, and re-read it.

It's fucking beautiful.

It's the story of a med student, Amal, and TJ, a (seemingly) aimless but amusing stranger. The author's description is as follows:
In the span of a single day, Amal calls off his arranged marriage, comes out to his conservative parents, prompty gets disowned, goes on a bender... and wakes up the next morning to find TJ, a lanky, dreadlocked vagrant, frying eggs and singing Paul Simmons in his kitchen.
TJ claims that the two have made a drunken pact to drive all the way from Berkeley to Providence. As it happens, Amal promised his sister he'd be there for her graduation from Brown University. And TJ, well... TJ has his own reasons.
The agreement is simple: Amal does the driving, TJ pays the way - but a 3500 mile journey leaves plenty for time for things to get complicated.
TJ and Amal feel like real people. When you read the comic and watch their expressions as they talk, you can hear every unsaid thing going through their minds. Wow. Just, wow.

Look at this! Oh god, my heart just MELTS.

Clicky click click

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What the hell is this?

I realized today that my life is very gay.

My friends are queer folk, I read m/m romance, I used to write slash fanfiction, ect, ect.

And I thought to myself - there's a lot of people out there like me, who just enjoy gay things in general. And I've come across a lot of good stuff - gay romance novels, yaoi, gay webcomics, and the like - worth telling people about. So I've decided to share it with the world.