Friday, June 15, 2012


superheroes batman superman - PUNISHED

So I was wandering the internet when I came across this picture - which, for non-superhero fans, features Deadpool and the Punisher (whoever the hell that is). I clicked on the article.

Half the comments: arguing that Deadpool would win in a fight. Other half of the comments: arguing the Punisher would win. .01% of the comments: "Wow, that's hot." (My new hobby: creeping out straight guys on the internet.)

Look at this other one. OMG.

superheroes batman superman - Nightcrawler, Put Some Pants On

That SMOLDER. Oh gosh.

Both of these are official cover art, by the way. Straight male comicbook nerds: into some pretty gay stuff.


(What's with this superhero stuff)

(I don't even like superheroes)

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