Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Victoria Foyt Hates Metrosexual Men

You've probably heard of Victoria Foyt, author of the appallingly racist Revealing Eden: Save the Pearls Part I.

Today, I was interested in what else Foyt had to say, wondering if she was as equally delusional when it came to things other than racial issues.

The answer is yes, by the way.

She wrote this piece on how guys who where makeup and care about their clothes are, like, totally icky. This is what she had to say:
Several years ago, as I sallied forth with a hot prospect on a date, he pointed out with great interest the make of his Junya Watanabe coat. I murmured my appreciation--its beauty was indisputable; and I appreciated the absence of khakis or a T-shirt. 
But as he waxed enthusiastic about the cut and fabric of his fine apparel, I felt my libido plummet, and the lens through which I saw him turn from hot to cold. I felt he had encroached on my domain; the road between us had tilted askew.
I didn't know it was possible to be so insulting to both genders at once.

(More ranting under the cut!)

Then she adds:
Before you accuse me of being a throwback to the Fifties, consider that I am not married to traditional gender roles.
This has all the validity of a frat boy adding "no homo" after fucking another guy up the ass. Or anybody from Alabama starting any sentence with "I'm not racist, but".

She totally does not believe in traditional gender roles, guys. She just thinks women rule over the domain of makeup and shopping with an iron fist, and it's natural for her as a woman to be annoyed when a guy encroaches on "female territory".

First of all (and as the author of a blog called "Male Sex Objects", I can't BELIEVE I'm saying this) maybe a guy being himself and enjoying things he likes is more important than your libido. Secondly, I doubt many women are reading your article and thinking, "Wow, I totally agree!"

I'm a girl, and I know more about math than makeup, and it's not even a big deal. Who gives a shit. Not even a thing, people. 

Foyt's reason for hating metrosexual men: 
I'm afraid that his shopping and polishing speaks to some deeper insecurity, which reveals that, fundamentally, he isn't sure who he is or what he wants in life.
It's cute how she takes for granted that these "feminine qualities" -- if you can call them that -- belong in women, but also believes if these desires exist in a man, it's a sign of insecurity. A man with feminine qualities is not less of a man; he is a different type of man. He is not weakened by femininity anymore than a tomboy is weakened by her masculinity. These are not symptoms of an inner deformity; these are signs of well-rounded, confident individual. 

You do what you do, men. Primp or don't. Either way, I will appreciate you (in the creepiest way possible).

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  1. *snort* That woman really seems to have issues. I wonder what she would say if someone told her that men have used make-up for millennia and often those lovely little make-up tins and utensils one can see in a museum belonged to the king (or pharaoh) and not to his wife.

    Fashion for a long time was as much men's domain as women, maybe even more depending on the society.