Saturday, July 7, 2012

Webcomic: Devoto

"Last night, I bedded a demon to whom I meant to sell my soul... which still leaves me more adherent than most Catholics I know."

"Devoto: Music in Hell" is a m/m webcomic about the demon (read: fallen angel) of music, who is trapped in Hell. His only escape is when a human summons him to Earth in order to make a deal with him. Devoto's goal is to get out of Hell as long as possible.

Devoto has not been out of Hell in a long, long time.

It's a gorgeous webcomic with stunning artwork and heartfelt dialogue. It follows the story of not only Devoto and his mortal lover, but also Isam and Zima, two angels - one fallen and one not - in love, kept apart by Heaven and Hell.

Despite the obvious talent of the artist, I don't think this webcomic is as well-known as it should be. So click on it! It's great! Give the creator some love!

(Warning: it's extra NSFW. Lots of beautiful man-sex.)

I may as well call this "Gay Webcomics Blog" from now on.

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