Monday, July 9, 2012

Webcomic/animation: Homestuck

GT: I just... 
GT: This isnt how i pictured it going. 
TT: Pictured what? 
GT: Between him and me. 
GT: There had to be a better way than this! 
TT: This is the only way it can be. 
GT: I guess if it was going to go this way... 
GT: I kinda pictured something different? 
GT: There was stuff i wanted to say. 
GT: To the real him i mean. 

To be clear, that's a fifteen year old boy wearing a skull computer helmet while kissing the severed head of his gay best friend from the future while a dragon flies over an erupting volcano in the background.

This is the most touching romantic climax I've ever seen.

By the way, Homestuck is neither gay nor romance, but you should still read it. It's strange, touching, confusing, and involves a lot of time-traveling hijinks. It's got twelve pansexual aliens, eight confused earth kids, and -- so far -- too many pairings to count. Also, it has Dirk, the gay guy from the future who kicks more ass than Chuck Norris. 

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