Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pandering To Bigots

I'm posting this here because I feel it pertains to the LBGT community, as well as any other minority group. 

Not so long ago, a church in Mississippi refused to marry a black couple, because... well, because the couple was black. (Full article here.)

The couple planned their ceremony with the pastor months in advance. Yet, when the day approached, the church community refused to allow the wedding to take place. Apparently, that particular church had never hosted a the marriage of a black couple before, and the church community did not want to break that tradition. 

Fearing his congregation would oust him, the pastor gave in. He agreed to marry the couple in another church. The church is now holding meetings to discuss how to handle future requests by black couples who wish to be married there.

My question is: who the hell cares what a bunch of racist bigots think? 

Not all opinions are worthy of being voiced. Not all opinions are worth taking into consideration. ESPECIALLY opinions that are not really opinions, but are in fact racism, sexism, homophobia, or hate. When someone tells you your marriage offends them, you say TOUGH SHIT. 

When you pander to bigots - when you compromise with them, when you take into consideration their demands - you make their opinions seem valid. You make the irrational seem rational. You are encouraging them. 

It seems that the biggest enemy of the oppressed are not bigots themselves, but the normal and otherwise rational folk who are willing to bend to the will of bigots. 

So the next time a bigot wants you to compromise? Tell them to suck it up. 

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