Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anthology: Cross Bones

Cross Bones eBook
Who doesn't love gay pirate erotica?? (The answer to that completely rhetorical question can be found here.)

The problem with anthologies is that that you usually get a one great story. The reason "Cross Bones", aka "Gay Pirates Fucking" is so great is because *every story* is consistently good.

And you know how anthologies usually have one story that's just incredible? Best of the bunch, stand-out?

Cross Bones had several.

For the sci-fi lovers: "Rough Trade" by Cooper West was just incredible. It's about Gunner, the unofficial captain of a murderous AI ship. The ship (Carthage, she calls herself) wants a doctor for her crew, and no one's going to stop her. Luckily, the man in question, the handsome Dr. Sagittarius Diefenbaker, has a reason to stick around...

"My Hand in Yours" by Emily Moreton is a short tale about a town sheriff (referred to in-story as a "peacekeeper") who starts a fuckbuddy relationship with a pirate captain. This one was not only romantic but scorching-hot. The end gives you a real sense of freedom and satisfaction, that the two men can pursue their romance without either of them giving up their ideals.

"From a Simmer to a Burn" was incredible. Not gonna lie - I get pretty bored reading about white guys. But this is the story of a former African slave overcoming his own racism as he falls in love with someone he initially despised. That's a pretty fucking difficult topic to write about. And yet, B. Snow (the author) handles it like a professional. I mean, it's just incredible. She picked a hard story to write, and she wrote it anyway, and she did it well.

And the rest were all within the three to five star range. Which, like I said: pretty good for an anthology.

But seriously: gay pirate erotica. Have I mentioned how hot that is? *fans self*

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