Friday, April 6, 2012

F/F Friday: Girly

Today's topic: LESBIANS!

Specifically, f/f romance. For those who don't know: f/f stands for "female/female", the same way m/m means "male/male".

I'm not sure how many m/m romance readers are also fans of f/f, due to the fact that I'm pretty sure most m/m romance readers are straight women. But I, personally, am a fan of all things gay, and that includes hot girl on girl lovin'.

Today's recommendation is a very popular webcomic: Girly, by Josh Lesnick. It's the story of Otra, a pink-haired girl who, despite her enormous financial success, feels her life is empty. Until one day she meets Winter, a psychotic, homeless blonde who begins stalking her.

It's kind of like a Saturday morning cartoon - lots of ridiculous gags, lots of people being blasted into outer space or smashed with hammers and giant dildos, people getting bodyswapped... ect, ect. The reason this comic works is because it's got Otra, who's just as confused and irritated by the strange antics around her as you, the reader, will be.

Sometimes, I feel like guys don't really "get" lesbian romance. Like they're writing it because it's hot, and they don't really understand how women interact. But Josh Lesnick avoids that, and that's just wonderful.

You should read this comic if you have a lot of time and you're willing to get invested in it - because it is long. While most webcomics stretch a couple hundred comics at best, Girly is a whopping 764 pages - and often the pages are long.

If you haven't got time, but want to check it out anyway, start here. The author put in a second beginning new readers partway through, around the part it gets good.

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