Sunday, April 1, 2012

Webcomic: Tripping Over You

Tripping Over You
Another m/m webcomic! (Avery fact of the day: I read too many webcomics.)

This one's called "Tripping Over You". It's the tale of two school boys: Liam, an ornery kid with a strict father, and Milo, his talkative and flirtatious best friend.  

It's cute, and a bit short at the moment (72 strips so far, plus extras), so I haven't got much to rave about. 

Why you should check it out: 
(1) Ornery uptight kids are the best.
(2) Pining best friends are also the best.
(3) It's really funny. The alt-over text is hilarious.

But also, like I said, it's short On top of that, it's easy to get into. If you click on this link, in five minutes, you will be entertained, and in twenty minutes, you'll have reached the end of what's been posted so far.

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